Google sunsetting two bidding strategies in June

Google will retire the Target Search Page Location and Target Outranking Share automated bidding strategies at the end of next month. Instead, advertisers will be encouraged to use Target Impression Share, which encompasses  impression share for certain page position targets. When is the changing happening? The strategies will no longer […]

Google moves hotel pricing chart into the SERP

Google is starting to show hotel price charts in search results. These graphs have been a popular feature of Google travel properties and were tested in search last year. Price graph moves into search. Here’s a SERP for the query New York Marriott Marquis that includes the price chart: Searchers can use arrows […]

How to check why PPC performance changed

There are lots of moving pieces in PPC campaigns and that can make it challenging to pinpoint the cause when performance changes. An investigation into the cause of the change can either be top-down or bottom-up. Here we’ll cover both ways to investigate the root cause and we’ll also share […]