Suzie owns an apparel store and has decided to sell her products online. When Suzie creates a Google Merchant Center data feed, what unique product identifiers will be accepted?

  • ‘gtin’ and ‘brand’
  • ‘mpn’ and ‘gtin’
  • ‘gtin’ Only
  • ‘brand’ Only

Explanation: In Apparel category ‘brand’ is required. Additionally, for the categories listed below, you must submit at least 1 out of ‘gtin’ or ‘mpn’:

  • ‘Apparel & Accessories > Shoes’
  • ‘Apparel & Accessories > Clothing Accesories > Sunglasses’
  • ‘Apparel & Accessories > Handbags, Wallets & Cases > Handbags’
  • ‘Apparel & Accessories > Jewelry > Watches’

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