The feed that Luca exports from his point of sale system needs some cleanup before it will be accepted by Google Merchant Center. To meet the requirements, he needs to consistently change product_state to condition in his exported feed. What’s the best way to do this each time?

  • Submit his feed without changing it, and then use feed rules to automatically changeproduct_state to condition
  • Delete product_state completely from his feed, and then submit his feed to Merchant Center
  • Manually change product_state to condition before submitting his feed to Merchant Center
  • Leave product_state in his feed and also add the condition attribute

Explanation: If you spend time reformatting your product data to match the requirements in the Products Feed Specification, you may be able to create Feed Rules that transform your existing data feed instead of editing your feed each time you submit. Once you specify Feed Rules for a feed, all future uploads are processed according to those rules.

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